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Specializing in Cross Platform Storytelling that empowers audiences and promotes heightened thought and socio-political rebellion.  We champion Films, Series, Digital Media, Music and Comedy that not only entertains, but questions and provokes.


Forrest Entertainment is dedicated to producing works that go beyond the boundaries of traditional Film, Television, Theater and Comedy. By exploring creation, free from discrimination, and without the confines of the usual censorship, Forrest Entertainment seeks to create commercially viable entertainment with substance, and unite mainstream audiences with the powerful stories of the often overlooked.


We are especially interested in content by and for women and LGBTQ persons of color.

Angela Forrest

//Actually, I just got tired of apologizing. Apologizing for my vision, my intellect, my ambition, my sexuality, my color... All of it. So I stopped, and that changed everything. Now, I let my work speak for itself. Let people see it and feel whatever they want, even if it's rage. Instead of watering it down and falling into this trap nowadays that looks progressive, but really is all pretty please and 'Do Not Disturb' with just enough backbone not to fall over but not enough to change anything.// -From FreeForrest



Graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts.


Digital Filmmaking and Editing at FVA in NYC, and Digital Photography at the Sawtooth Center for Visual Arts.  Field Producer at RTN networks, Raleigh NC.  Graduate of North Carolina School of the Arts School of Drama.



Writer/Director/Prod.: #TBB4.  Experimental Narrative Short.  Shot entirely on location in North Carolina where the story takes place. 

Writer/Director: ONE HEART ONE TEAM: THE FIGHT FOR THE WOMEN OF THE CAROLINA PHOENIX.  Documentary short shot while following the women's football team for a season.  


Writer/Director/Prod.: TOBACCOLAND: BEFORE.  Narrative short.



NetDirect Marketing Event, McAfee, Chatham Hill Winery, Trinity Connections International Fellowship, Progressive Democrats of America, National Nurses United...


As an actress, ANGELA FORREST has been entertaining NYC crowds for over fifteen years.  Backstage Magazines TOP TEN STAND OUT STAND-UPS OF 2004. Headlining at The Improv and Gotham Comedy Club, she later produced the comedy special, ANGELA FORREST LIVE! at the famed Starlight Lounge, and started Forrest Entertainment LLC.

Wrote and performed PROFILE OF A SAINT at PS-NBC, later also produced its premiere at LaMaMa ETC, and was nominated for a NY Innovative Theater Award for "Outstanding Solo Performance".

Special Guest Star at the NY Heritage of Pride opening ceremonies, appearing on the HBO stage in Bryant Park.  She's worked with SPIKE LEE  in SHE HATE ME and INSIDE MAN, played opposite ROGER REES in GOING UNDER directed by Eric Werthman, and appeared in GETTING IN directed by DOUG LIMAN.

Awarded the Francis Ann and Elaine Award for Women in Comedy for writing and performing in Plum TVs comedy sketch show, LIVE IN THE EAST hosted by CHRISTY BRINKLEY. And she's the voice of Sabu for the Anime series SPACE PIRATE MITO.